Hackathon Yale

November 5th, 2011 by Miles Leave a reply »

Having fun tonight with the crew at Hackathon Yale.  I hear ~45 people registered and I think we have about that many here.  The pizza (Modern Pizza, that is) and energy drinks are flowing.

Dave Tisch from Techstars NYC kicked off the program urging everyone to build something that personal solves a problem or is a fun toy.  (Because as Chris Dixon says, the next big thing may start out looking like a toy.)

The event is organized primarily by students and is sponsored by sponsored by YEI, Higher One and Elm Street Ventures.

Some of the ideas pitched at the beginning include the following.  Not sure which ones are getting worked on.

  • hacks with Microsoft Connect
  • group notetaking
  • geolocation queuing personal theme music (walk into your favorite bar and have your own theme play)
  • sports traker to remind you to trash-talk with your friends
  • sharing/swap shoes

Going to be fun to see what comes of it.  Although not sure, I’m going to stay up all night…

[Photo credits to JR Logan.]