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Wanted: Easy Group Web/Email Tool

May 4th, 2011

My brother and I are looking for the following.  If you know where to find it (or want to build it), let us know.

For our extended family, we’re looking for a few technology features.  We have 90+ people that are of different generations and different loyalties to web brands.  (For example, we’ve tried to run a yahoo group for a few years and many people just won’t sign up.)  Some people have their own email lists and ways of sharing photos and often it ends up leaving out someone.

I feel like this should be part of some existing webservice although I have not found the perfect mix.

  • Opt out listserv.  Especially for earlier generations, the concept of signing up for an opt-in listserv is too complicated.  That said, thanks to ConstantContact and Safe Opt out folks know how to opt-out from a list.
  • Private Photo sharing.  Digital photos have been embraced across the generations, but people don’t know how/where to share their photos.  What if people could choose Facebook, Flicker, Picassa as the home site and then import into another application for everyone in their group?
  • Shared Group-edited Contacts.  Only a few motivated group members will do editing of contact info.  What if like a wiki, anyone could update the contact info, although you could take control of your own and prevent further editing if required.
  • Shared Calendar.  A bonus feature.

So, can you help us?