Food and Water

February 18th, 2010 by Miles Leave a reply »

I admit I’ve read a few books about the unthinkable emergency.  What happens in survival situations – when the s*** hits the fan and people are pushed beyond their endurance?  I even read one or two that I wish I hadn’t.  Can you imagine that some of them are even boring?

I have also been through CERT and EMT training.  (Not sure I remember all of it…)

When shopping for the 72 hour supplies, you can buy pre-made bags with first aid kits and hatchets.  But where is the food and water?  Not all of us can feed ourselves in an urban or suburban environment armed only with a hatchet.

It is probably assumed that stocking food and water is a simple task that may happen naturally in the modern home.  Maybe that’s how it should work.  But in talking with my 20 and 30-something friends, I’ve come away with the impression that many have not stocked food and water.

So, I’ve been kicking around this idea of having an event (maybe through TGWNN) where we’d have some preparedness talk and sell 72 hour kits of food and water for around $20.  (Could we figure out how to do it for cheaper?)

What I’ve done so far:

  • Rick Fontana at the City of New Haven Emergency Operations Center has agreed to speak
  • Janna of TGWNN has agreed to publicize the event
  • Done a trial run with my brother of purchasing marine-quality survival bars that are compact and will last practically forever.

What’s left:

  • Make sure there is interest more broadly
  • Pick a location
  • Pick a date/time

And I can’t help thinking – could we make this a replicatable event?  Could we make it fun for others to hold their own events in other towns?  Could this spread and help us all sleep better at night?

What do you think?

  • DisasterGame

    We'd be happy to be involved with the Family Preparedness Toolkit. Just let me know when and where.