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New Haven Innovates in Journalism

November 18th, 2009

New Haven is innovating in local journalism.  In a time when many are discussing the fall of the local paper and bemoaning the state of media, there are at least three organizations that are doing something about it.

I’ve heard this a few times now and it sure seems to be true.  Most recently heard this idea from Jennifer McFadden and Jeff Jarvis.  Here are the three examples oft cited:

New Haven Independent:  Call it a hyperlocal blog or network of them, if you like.  The non-profit team funds itself via grants and online advertising (including from PaperG, I think).  Staying lean in staff and taking advantage of cheap multimedia tools like digital cameras, the New Haven Independent has earned a reputation outside of it’s home town.  They’ve done a good job of building a strong discussion culture in the comment section. 

PaperG:  Provides tools to allow newspapers and other media companies to capture online advertising revenue from local merchants.  By bringing tools and new revenue to media organizations, it offers hope of a fresh approach to the local newspaper business model.  As an investor, I should be able to pitch this a little better, but I’ll leave that to the experts.  Check out their website for more.

SeeClickFix:  User generated content and story leads from citizen reporting of local quality of life issues like  .  Existing media relationships include the Boston Globe, New York Times, Dallas News, and Miami Herald.  And of course, the New Haven Independent, as well as a number of others.  As founder and non-executive Chairman, I do know more about this one.  And lest you think I’m (just) tooting my own horn, I really have heard others talking about all three orgs.